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Come and train your dog with us!


We teach First Command Response training, where you will learn how to have your dog listening to your first command every time. Learn how to become a pack leader and build a relationship of love, trust and respect with your dog. You learn to work with your dog with no gimmicks, just techniques to form a formidable bond between you and your dog. As a pack leader we will help you gain control over your dog and have them focusing on you in any situation, while maintaining a calm, balanced approach to everything. Balanced and obedient dogs are achieved from having rules, boundaries and guidance.


We offer on site consultations, group and private lessons. Through our novice classes you will learn all your basic commands as well at the necessary tools to rid some unwanted behaviours. To participate in intermediate and e-collar basic classes you must have passed novice, as they are an extension of our novice classes.


We also offer behaviour modification and can work with you to help fix any issues you may have.

Some of these issues may include:

Jumping on people

Counter surfing

Garbage picking

Jumping on furniture

Too much barking


Fear of Thunderstorms

Thief in the house

Puppy nipping

Training Prices

Training Prices

10 week group classes on site $550

10 week private classes on site $750

6 week E-collar group classes on site $375

3 week Reliable Recall on site $300

1/2 hour consultation on site $75

1 hour consultation on site $105

Make up classes on site $25

Novice Classes

Will teach you how to gain the pack leader your dog through all their basic commands.

Novice Classes Teach:

Sit and release


Sit for Examination (to be petted)

Sit stay



Down Stay

Recall and Out

Intermediate Classes

Expand on all the commands taught in Novice.
Must have passed our Novice to join the intermediate level.

Loose lead heeling and left, right, in about turns

Sit, stand and down on motion

Sit, stand down in front verbal and hand signal (teach doggie push ups)

Sit, stand and down at heel verbal and hand signal

Recall with hand signal

Extension of foot signals and out commands

Sit and down stays with food refusal

Off lead recall at 10m and 30m

Finish at heel and with hand signal

Place command

Advanced Classes

Extension of intermediate classes while expanding into advanced off leash techniques.
Must have passed both novice and intermediate classes to join our advanced level.

Off leash heeling

Off leash verbal sit, down and stay command

Off leash hand signals from front and side

Sit, down and stand on recall

Sit and down out of sight

Off leash recall from distractions and release command

Off leash finish and place commands

Extensions of off leash sit, down and stand stays

3 Week Reliable Recall Classes

Must have completed the novice obedience class to already have a basic understanding of recall. We will teach a reliable recall where your dog will learn to off lead recall to you every time under any situation with many distractions. Please contact us for more details.

E-Collar Classes

Enjoy off leash freedom with your dog!
Basic understanding of commands is needed, recommend completing novice obedience first.

E-Collar classes teach:

Off leash heeling with remote collar

Sit and down command

Stand and release command

Sit and down stay

Off leash recall

Place command

Out/Drop command

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