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Suzanna Ventura

Charlie from Pawsitively Purrfect is not only an excellent groomer but also an exceptional one. 

 I will start by saying that my little Obi is a special kind of dog.  He is full of personality and sass.  I was taking Obi to the only groomer that I have ever known.  This groomer has been grooming my dogs for 15 years.  I trusted her and her employees with my 15 and 10 yr old Shih Tzus.   Never had an issue with them.  So when Obi graced our home at 8 weeks old I followed suit and took him there.  After three visits it became apparent that the place where I took my precious dogs for 15 years was NOT the place for Obi.  As he was a nervous dog, Obi would pee on the table and on occasion bite.  Due to Obi’s nervous nature, the girls at this grooming shop did not know or WANTED to handle Obi.  So after the third visit and chastising from whatever groomer had Obi, I decided to leave.  Through some research, I found Pawsitively Purrfect.  I remember being slightly apprehensive in calling because of Obi’s nervous nature.  BUT after talking with Charlie who is the owner and telling her all about Obi and his behaviour while being groomed, Charlie was very understanding and told me that she is also a trainer and has experience/expertise in handling nervous dogs like my Obi.  At that moment my worries just disappeared.  I felt reassured that Obi would be properly taken care of.

Pawsitively Purrfect is a two-person shop, the girls, Charlie and Niki know how to handle my Obi.  They both take time in bathing and grooming Obi while reassuring and training him.

Another plus on this lovely and well appointed shop is that the dogs are not treated like goods on an assembly line.  There aren’t a ton of dogs walking around the shop either groomed or waiting to be groomed.  In fact, there aren’t any dogs walking around the shop.  The dogs are treated like they are the only dogs in the place which in fact they are.  Charlie books appointments with care.  She doesn’t fit in as many pets as she can through the day.  Her motivation is a happy pet!!!!


I would recommend Pawsitively Purrfect a thousand times!!!!

Julia Toffolo

I brought my 3 month old lab to Charlene for novice puppy training and I am so glad I did. Charlene knows her stuff and is always willing to go above and beyond with advice and tools to better train my puppy. The facility is wonderful along with the small class size; which allows for more one on one. I would highly recommend Charlene (Pawsitively Purfect) to any dog owner!

Cheryl Mousseau

Charlene, thank you for offering the 10 week Novice Level training classes. I have had a number of dogs over the years and participated in several training classes. By far, you have created the best program that I have ever been part of. Being a Goldendoodle, Marigold was to say the least, a bit hyper. She had no training as a young puppy, had boundless energy and was very difficult to even take for a walk. I loved her dearly but she was making me crazyl

From the very first class, I connected immediately with your teaching style. You were patient and seemed to understand me and my pooch. We listened and wanted to learn more. We practiced between lessons and I began to see steady progress in her behavior. She was walking with me setting the pace and her following my direction. She became much calmer and relaxed around the house. You observed her to be "bossy" and with that insight our training and practice brought improvement. lt's evident that you want your canine and human students to succeed. I believe we are both happier. We graduated last Monday and I couldn't be more pleased.

The classes and even our practice sessions were fun. We wouldn't miss enrolling in the next level of training. Count us inl! 

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