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Effective January 1, 2023

Our new fee for no show/failure to cancel an appointment without giving a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice is now increased to 50% of the missed appointment. While we understand things happen in life, is it common courtesy to give us a chance to fill in your spot. Without providing sufficient notice, we are then unable to fill your empty spot with some one who is waiting for an appointment.


Aggressive dogs will NO LONGER be tolerated for grooming appointments, especially if you know your dog has issues and fail to disclose them to us, so we can take proper precautions. If you know your dog has issues with something please let us know before your groom, then we can deal with things appropriately. If your dogs bites one of our staff, you will be called immediately, the dog will be sent home with owners paying for any services completed on your dog.


We will no be longer accepting dogs that are booking past a 3 months time period. Dogs that go past this time frame usually have coats in worse shape then those adhering to a schedule of a lesser time frame. They are more work for us to do and they tend to act out more since grooming is not a part of their regular life. This makes the experience more stressful for them. Please try to pre-book your dogs next appointment before leaving, so we can ensure not only proper coat conditions, but happier pets for grooming. We suggest a time frame of 4 to 8 weeks.


Going forward, appointments will only be booked and confirmed over the phone, They will not be scheduled over email or social media.


Matted pet release:

Please realize matted animals are more likely to have injuries, cuts and bruising to the skin due to the skin being pulled in the matting. There is also the possibility of us discovering sores and other skin conditions under the matted fur. By reading this and completing our intake form you are releasing Pawsitively Purrfect of any liability if such things occur. We also have the right to refuse or stop or grooming  at any point we deem necessary.


As of May 1, 2023, due to rising cost in fees and living expenses we are no longer accepting credit card payments. If you insist on a paying by credit card there will be a minimum $5 service fee added to your bill, depending on your bill amount. We are still accepting debit and cash as payment.


We are no longer grooming dogs weighing over 100lbs. The risk for injury for us has become too great and we have decided to continue grooming anything weighing under 100lbs.

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